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January 2009 -  touring a 16th century palace in Marrakech, Morocco….(from left to right) Pam Grace (LaFayette, Colorado), Gwen Ware (Greensboro, North Carolina), Margaret Von Kaenel; 2009 President of International Decorative Artisans League (St. Louis, Missouri), Rebecca Hotop (Fair Fax Station, Virginia), Barbara Rusmussen (Sacramento, California), Cynthia Davis; Wallovers (Trumbell, Connecticut), Moustafah, Melanie Royals; Modello Designs and Royal Design Studio (San Diego, California), Vickie Shultz (Oceanside, California), Robin Johnston (New Boston, Michigan), and Heather Bruno-Sears (Skaneateles, New York).

January 2009, Heather joined industry leader Melanie Royals, and fellow members of the International Decorative Artisans League for a painting adventure in exotic Northern Africa.

The team of 10 artists worked on 4 projects at Peacock Pavilions. Located on a 9-acre olive grove outside the city of Marrakech, the property includes a main house and 3 guest houses. Owners Maryam Montague and her architect husband, Chris, chronicle the "bemused tales of an American family's quest to build a guest house in Morocco..." at www.mymarrakesh.com

Afterwards, Heather explored for a week...and enjoyed the exotic architecture, landscape, and lifestyles of Morocco.

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In 2014, Heather was thrilled to reunite with Melanie Royals, and other top-ranked decorative painters from across America, for another painting adventure in the exotically, beautiful country of Morocco, Africa.

Work in progress at gallery Temli in Geuliz

They partnered with renown gallery owner, Hadia Temli, to stencil custom design motifs on the walls of her upcoming showroom on the outskirts of ancient Marrakech - in the modern neighborhood of Gueliz, Morocco. The multi-faceted project including an entire room mural inspired by a Haiti - the original ceremonial silk embroidered wall hanging used for design reference was actually a vintage piece from the Temli family collection.

 Work in progress at gallery Temli in Geuliz

Other rooms in the showroom gallery received feature wall treatments inspired by traditional Moroccan Islamic ornament. The two large feature walls were rendered using Royal Design Studio Stencils designed by Melanie Royals, in tone-on-tone subtle pearlescent glaze against a soft white background - to serve as an elegant backdrop for upcoming gallery exhibits.

Heather in Atlas Mountains

In addition to lending a hand with another inspiring project, Heather relished the chance to continue exploring the cultural richness, exquisite Islamic architecture, historical sights, vibrant heart of the old-city medina, traditional artisan souks and contemporary artist studios, Moroccan fare cooking class, a winding caravan to hike the Atlas Mountains - savoring afternoon mint tea and the stunning regional views from atop Kasbah du Toubkai.

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