Another Painting Adventure in Morocco (2014), by Heather Bruno-Sears
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Land Ho!!!  Flight across the Atlantic Ocean from JFK International Airport, New York City to the coast of North Africa....Casablanca, Morocco.  Atlas Mountains in the distance.  A warm welcome at Maison Du Tresor The exotic and beautiful sound of traditional Moroccan music.... IMG_5335 Garden view from my room at Maison Du Tresor. Beautiful ceiling detail in the living room at Maison Du Tresor. Our home for the duration of the Moroccan painting adventure - Maison Du Tresor sprawls mysteriously behind an unassuming gated entrance door.  Afternoon Mint Tea - a Moroccan tradition. Late afternoon call to prayer from the many Minarets in Marakech Gracious hospitality greets @ Hotel Du Tresor Thresholds into a personal paradise Influence of Africa....swanky restaurant feature wall to greet guests. Remnants of an ancient palace - disassembled centuries ago.... Ancient palace walls and portals.... Winding our way through an ancient palace staircase.... Ancient palace courtyard... Timeless....Morocco Ancient palace...hints to former glory Ancient palace courtyard wall Moroccan tomb for royals and dignitaries... Moroccan tomb courtyard for royals and dignitaries.... Tombstone markers....all anamonous in the name of Islam Royal tomb interior... IMG_5408 Architectural detailing at Royal Tomb entrance.... 14th century’s Ben Youssef Madresa, the largest Medrasa in all of Morocco - was one of the largest theological colleges in North Africa.14th century’s Ben Youssef Madresa, the largest Medrasa in all of Morocco - was one of the largest theological colleges in North Africa. 14th Century tile detailing Ben Youssef Madresa Moroccan tile detailing - part of it’s rich history. Ornamental ceiling detail at the Bahia Palace Ornamental window detailing and carved plaster work at the Bahia Palace, built late 19th century by Si Ahmed Ben Musa Ornamental window detailing and carved plaster work at the Bahia Palace, built late 19th century by Si Ahmed Ben Musa - capturing the essence of Islamic and Moroccan style Ornamental window detailing and carved plaster work at the Bahia Palace, built late 19th century by Si Ahmed Ben Musa - took 7 years to construct with hundreds of craftsmen from Fez Tile floor detailing at Bahia Palace Decorative Artist, Heather Bruno-Sears and Decorative Arts Industry Leader, Melanie Royals Melanie Royals, Creative Director of our Paint & Play Moroccan experience; jump starts the layout of our project at Hadia Temli’s new gallery in Guelez Melanie with Hadia Temli & her husband.  One of the many benefits of a decorative painting career are newfound friendships. Seed’s of Inspiration for our decorative painting project at Galerie Tindouf Marrakech Layout of painted wall panel series...using Royal Design Studio stencils Hadia and Melanie discussing design details for the new gallery Prepping our Paint & Play project Hands on... Adjoining room to the panel project...Carol preps for a detailed pearlescent ornamental stencil application. Applying base-coat colors Teamwork... IMG_5460 IMG_5463 Early stages of layout, color and patterning. IMG_5476 Leslie & Tom making progress on the Moroccan lock and key motif, applied in a subtle tone on tone pearl glaze over white base paint Subtle elegance Decorative arts industry leader, Melanie Royals and gallery owner/art collector, Hadia Temli Heather layering panel effect.... Hadia lending a hand....very excited about her new gallery space. Adjoining room finish; subtle tone on tone pearl/white Egyptian Lotus motif designed by Melanie & available @ Royal Design Studio The various projects layered in perspective Tom... Starr... Melanie... Heather... Divine beauty... Every paint & play adventure forms new bonds, friendships, and creative comrades Spark of creativity... Peaceful production mode Creative teamwork Threshold to our lovely lunch break at a local restaurant Melanie in a state of deep satisfaction... backdrop for upcoming art exhibitions. Finished..another interesting gallery backdrop for upcoming art exhibitions. Layering the decorative art backdrops between different rooms in Hadia’s gallery. Nearing completion...this room was inspired by a ‘Haiti’ - a ceremonial wall hanging created from pieced embroidered silk. The original ‘Haiti’ vintage piece used for inspiration came from the Temli family collection. IMG_5613 IMG_5617 IMG_5624 View from our rooftop terrace... A tour of the Moroccan country side.... Minarets dot the arid Moroccan countryside Rustic elegance in the Moroccan countryside....a sprawling compound dedicated to the famed argon oil. Morocccan women creating Argon oil in the traditional way..... A beautiful open courtyard.... Magical threshold.... The beauty of light and shadow... Detailed doors are abound...a vintage beauty inspired by African patterning. Entrance to a countryside Artist’s compound... Entrance to a studio niche IMG_5660 Peek into a modern Moroccan artist’s home... Artist’s portrait A modern art gallery featuring the hosts work.... IMG_5667 IMG_5668 IMG_5670 So many magical facets to the artisan compound courtyard.... Elegant gated window portals to the courtyard Magnificent carved and painted ‘back door’ exiting artist’s residence Heather and Melanie with gracious owner of the sprawling creative retreat tucked into the Moroccan countryside A sun splashed kitchen... IMG_5692 IMG_5693 IMG_5696 Another studio niche at the artist compound Vintage presses and pillars A modern art installation in the garden Molds and casts from the art installation reveal its creative process. IMG_5710 IMG_5711 IMG_5712 Painted, ornamental doors exterior and interior are a common architectural nuance - this one leading to the kitchen niche at Maison Du Tresor Another memorable day spent exploring the exotic beauty of Morocco....trek to the Atlas Mountains Mountainside produce stand... Mountainside meat market A Berber carpet vendor on the mountain path en route to the Kasbah IMG_5736 IMG_5737 Portal to an Atlas Mountain residence IMG_5744 IMG_5745 IMG_5746 A Berber village tucked amidst the majestic Atlas Mountains IMG_5764 Kasbah Du Toubkal patio nestled amidst the majestic peaks IMG_5777 IMG_5778 IMG_5786 IMG_5788 IMG_5789 IMG_5791 Atlas Mountain scope from the terrace of Kasbah Timeless beauty in the Atlas Mountains...and a village settlement amongst the ancient peaks The epitome of beauty...view from a Kasbah mountain side terrace Remnants of a mountainside workshop A way to the means through the mountain passes A pack mule to assist with transporting goods Trekking through the streets of Imlal mountainside village.... Mountainside merchants A corner vendor in the Atlas Mountains... Another beautiful snippet of Atlas Mountain life... Traveling through the streets of Imlal...mountain treck onwards and upwards Everywhere you turn in the souks...your eyes land on something beautiful and exotic. Glory to God....Glory to Allah... A typical afternoon in the Medina square...amidst snakecharmers and tambourines. Snake charmers...late afternoon in the Medina, the epitome of exotic Marakech Cocktail hour at the Royal Mansour Plaster detailing at the Royal Mansour Courtyard halls surrounding the main fountain plaza at Royal Mansour...swanky elegance extraordinaire The Royal Mansour is a magnificent luxury hotel created by the King of Morocco Exquisite plaster detailing throughout the interior in classic Islamic style Moroccan lanterns create a fascinating ambient display of light and shadow Carved plaster detailing - fascinating and endless array of ornamental design.  The finest craftsmen... Carved plaster detailing Exquisite layering of carved plaster and ornamental hand-painted ceilings at Royal Mansour The joy of sharing exotic, healthy Moroccan cuisine...every meal was a delight to the senses Hearty beef tagine. Delicious and savory vegetable tagine Enjoying a traditional cooking class...prepping a chicken tagine Exotic Marakech, Morocco - experience of a lifetime, career highlight and fondest memory. Lightbox Software by v5.3