It’s Amazing What A Little Paint Can Do!

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It’s amazing what a little paint can do!  I’ve had a lot of fun over the years creating clever visual effects for a myriad of interior scenarios…with a little paint.

Paint, in it’s infinite hues, can communicate so much…mood, feeling, style, and spirit. A painted surface is beautiful in and of itself…but, I’ve never been one to leave well enough alone. It’s blissful to play in the studio, push the envelope to explore and experiment with the spectrum of possibilities. Always striving to create one-of-a-kind hand-wrought finishes, I’ve been absorbed for hours, days, weeks, months, years rendering sample board after sample board of …”what if.” Working in my studio is a soul searching of sorts – a yearning to create something resplendent, admirable, exquisite, alluring, or interesting at the very least!


Ideally, your home should be a sanctuary. My patrons truly appreciate custom tailored design elements that are a reflection of their unique personality. I’m always up for a challenge, and am happy to execute the ‘exact look’ a client has in mind, or brainstorm 101 ideas for them to pick and choose their favorite.

T’was over the moon delighted when Freeman Interiors of Fayetteville, New York called to inquire if I was available to paint a hand-wrought wallpaper effect inspired by floral fabric. Ellie Freeman is a social grand dame in Central New York, and her daughter Beth is next generation to carry on the family tradition of top-notch full service interior design. We’ve had a rapport for over a decade and I absolutely adore them. Ellie and Beth are brilliant, exacting, savvy professionals who are warm, personable and always make me feel like ‘part of the family.’

imageThe client, Mrs. Meyers, loved her custom master bedroom window treatments and bedding; designed, tailored and installed by Freeman Interiors. Originally, she requested a matching floral wallpaper for the adjoining master bath. Mrs. Meyers had her heart set on this, and was disappointed to discover a wallpaper to match the fabric simply did not exist. Her disappointment turned to delight when Interior Designer, Beth Freeman pitched an even better idea; “We can hire an artist to hand-paint the master bath walls to mimic the fabric, and complement your bedroom as you wish.”

A bouquet of flowers were selected from the fabric design. I sketched several & made copies to assist with composition layout on the master bath walls.

A bouquet of flowers were selected from the fabric design. I sketched several & made copies to assist with composition layout on the master bath walls.


Layout complete...taking a deep breath before custom mixing colors on my palette.

Layout complete…taking a deep breath before custom mixing colors on my palette.

There were many benefits to hand-painting vs. wallpapering the master bath walls. We kept the flowers sized to original scale, but chose to space them apart more than the fabric.  This insured the intimate room would not feel ‘too busy.’   Authentic in nature, there was a truly hand-wrought painterly look to the flowers – soft brush strokes were evident upon close inspection.  But, my favorite pitch was the fact that there were no seams and the finish would be everlasting. Unlike wallpaper, my faux finishes and decorative painted walls are easy to retouch. Custom finishes are a good investment, that can be maintained and enjoyed for a lifetime.  Furthermore, wallpaper is mass produced. This hand-painted finish, being one-of-a-kind, was unique to the Meyers home…created especially for them.

Making progress! Intently worked on one flower at a time - a meditative study on form and color. Kept the fabric swatch handy as reference.

In the midst of progress. I intently worked on one flower at a time, over the span of three days to completion. It was a pleasant meditative study on form and color. The fabric swatch was always handy for reference.

A lovely retired couple, Mr. & Mrs. Meyers, were thoroughly entertained by the creative process of bringing this concept to fruition. They brought tea, lemonade and snacks with frequent peeks to check on my progress…pausing a while in the threshold to observe the leaves-n-petals being painted.


The eve I finished, the Meyers insisted I join them for a delicious home-made dinner. During our delightful, animated dinner conversation I discovered this seemingly modest couple led a very blessed, fascinating life…with a beautiful family, worldly travels and a successful office supply business that evolved to become Staples. Upon parting, they gave me a huge hug – gushing how much they loved their master bath. Of course, this made me happy ten-fold.


“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” – Rumi

With much gratitude to Freeman Interiors for another fun project collaboration!


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