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Painting Adventure in Spain

June 2013 Heather enjoyed a painting adventure in Barcelona, Spain. She joined Canadian visual and performance artist, Lori LeMare, and friends for a week long figure painting retreat. The artists stayed at Sant Jeroni de la Murtra or Saint Jerome of the Myrtle - a 15th century monastery nestled in the Spanish countryside where Christopher Columbus met with the Catholic King in 1493 after his second voyage to the Americas.

The monks left Sant Jeroni de la Murtra after its chapel was burnt during the 1930's Spanish revolution. The beautiful historic monastery became a private residence and cultural sanctuary when it was acquired by an artist, whose family still own it. The daily running of Sant Jeroni de la Murtra is by Father Jaume, a Catholic priest who is also an art historian. He welcomes people of all faiths to the monastery and brings in many different artistic groups. There is ample studio space for visiting artists, a gallery, and museum dedicated to the history of Catalonia.

The artists stayed in austere original monk cells, and enjoyed painting together in their spacious studio or plein-air in the arched cloister courtyard. The painting class incorporated decorative painting techniques with figurative study, resulting in a large work on canvas keepsake. They savored delicious rustic fare prepared by the Latin men who work and reside at the monastery, siestas and ample time to explore the surrounding area.

Truly an inspiring experience! For additional information on painting retreats at Sant Jeroni de la Murtra - be sure to check out Lori LeMare Studio's Inc

View Heather's slides of her Painting Adventure in Spain.

Watch Video; Listen to the bell tower toll while painting in the cloister at Sant Jeroni de la Murtra.
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